Our Values

Our company culture defines the way we behave, the way we are perceived, the way we treat our customers and employees and the way we deliver our service.

In essence, it’s The Property Hive’s personality.

This culture or personality is influenced by the values it has been founded upon, but more importantly, it is perpetuated by the values of its employees.

Passion & Energy

  • You inspire customers and colleagues with your enthusiasm to make a difference.
  •  You care enormously about the success of The Property Hive.
  • You are optimistic and persistent.
  • You create a positive buzz about everything you do.


  • You recognise the emotions of others and act accordingly.
  • You are motivated to help.
  • You are able to comprehend the perspective of others.
  • You put the needs of your customers first.


  • You are not scared to admit when you are wrong or make a mistake.
  • You are always authentic, transparent and honest
  • You treat all with respect and dignity
  • You only say things of people, which you would say to their face.


  • You are compelled to always do a good job.
  • You set high standards of quality and are committed to maintaining them.
  • You invest time and effort in your work as you know it reflects who you are.


  • You accomplish amazing amounts of important work.
  • You consistently demonstrate strong performance, so colleagues can rely upon you.
  • You make your colleagues better.
  • You focus on results over process.

Selflessness & Responsibility

  • You to do what’s best for your customers and The Property Hive, rather what is best for you. 
  • You make time to help your customers and colleagues.
  • You try to make life easier for others.
  • You share ideas, skills and knowledge which benefit others.
  • You never “pass the buck” to others and always take ownership of whatever needs to be done.


  • You recover quickly from difficulties
  • You see bad events as temporary not permanent
  • You don’t allow setbacks to effect unrelated areas of your life
  • You continue to be focused and motivated during adversity
  • You are able to apply perspective to difficult situations and events

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