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The UK is experiencing a crisis in housing fuelled by an ever increasing demand for homes.  This situation is also affecting our communities in Doncaster and is exacerbated by a shortage of land on which to build.

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Developers both large and small are struggling to secure enough land to build the challenging number of homes needed to satisfy our ever increasing population.  Changes in central and local government policy are designed to encourage an upturn in development to help struggling young families get on the property ladder, but the availability of land in our communities is a major hindrance that is preventing this from being achieved.


Unused or underutilised garden space is seen as a key part of the solution to this problem, whilst also helping homeowners to release equity otherwise trapped. What was once frowned upon and described by some as “garden grabbing” is now recognised as a responsible necessity to tackle a key challenge in our society.

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In response, The Property Hive have teamed up with a local architect specialising in lawful and compliant development planning, to provide a free combined consultation and feasibility assessment for anyone who would like to understand the likelihood of gaining the necessary planning consent and the value the land would attract.   

To find out more and reserve your free consultation, simply give The Property Hive a buzz on 01302 247754.

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