10 Kitchen Hacks to help sell your home

For many home buyers, the kitchen is the most important room. So making the effort to get your kitchen looking its best can really help sell your property.

A complete remodel isn’t usually cost effective when you’re about to move on. But we’ve put together 10 ideas for you that are low cost and easy to implement. And which will make your kitchen really stand out.

PS: For the purposes of this article we’ll assume that you’ve done a thorough clean and that everything is dust and grease free and totally sparkling!

Tip 1 – Declutter Counter Tops

Keep your counter tops mostly clear to give the impression of maximum workspace. Use just a few selected items to add a touch of style.

Choose gadgets which are stylish and aspirational

Tip 2 – Select Gadgets Carefully

If you’re a gadget lover, select one or two of your best looking items and put others away in a cupboard. Choose items that will appeal to the lifestyle aspirations of your prospective buyers such as juicers, coffee makers or food mixers.

Tip 3 - Accessorise

Carefully chosen groups of stylish accessories can add a real touch of character to your kitchen. Giving the impression of a homely, welcoming space rather than a showroom.

Select some key pieces that coordinate with your colour scheme. Examples might be a mug tree with matching mugs, a utensil jar, tea & coffee cannisters, wooden chopping boards, glass canisters filled with pulses.

Carefully chosen accessories make a kitchen look like a home not a showroom


Tip 4 – Organise Cupboards

Home viewers will open your cupboards! Make sure they look good on the inside too. Stack crockery neatly with attractive items to the front and mismatched sets hidden in the back. Put cleaning items into caddies and storage boxes rather than the usual mish-mash under the sink.

Tip 5 – Style your Shelves

If your kitchen has open shelves, arrange these carefully for maximum impact. Only have your best items on display. Add a few beautiful cookery books and perhaps an on-trend succulent plant.

kitchen shelf styling

Tip 6 – Empty the Dishwasher

No door is safe from nosey buyers and they won’t want to see your dishwasher filled with last night’s curry stained dishes.

Tip 7 – Maximise Lighting

Kitchens need plenty of light so make sure all bulbs are working properly and upgrade to brighter versions if necessary. Keep window blinds open to maximise the natural light.

Tip 8 – Streamline Eating Areas

Most families expect to have some meals in the kitchen, but fitting a table and chairs into a small kitchen can take up a lot of space. The result looks cramped and messy – not the impression you are trying to give.

Chairs can be bulky, so if you are short of space think about replacing them with stools or benches. Reducing the number of chairs can help too. So if you are a family of 5 remove one chair – a space that’s tight for 5 can look just right for 4.

Add flowers and fruit to give the kitchen an instant lift

Tip 9 - (Not) Setting the table

I’m not a huge fan of creating a perfect looking set table every time you have a viewing. A bit like brewing coffee or baking bread, your buyers will see through it as a trick. And who has the time anyway! However, placing a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit on your table will give the room an instant lift.

Tip 10 – Stylish Artwork

Remove your kid’s paintings, fridge magnets and similar personal items. If you have a blank space on a wall then hang a single, striking piece of artwork.


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