Practical (and realistic) selling advice for homeowners with pets

One of the less obvious aspects to consider when selling your home is what impacts your pets may have on achieving a sale.

We all love our pets and couldn’t be without them, but there’s no guarantee your prospective buyers will feel the same way.  Many people suffer from asthma or other allergies related to pets whilst others may have a fear of certain animals like dogs. And even the most enthusiastic animal lovers can be put off by pet smells which may not be so obvious to you.

What’s more your pet may not be too pleased by strangers on their territory and may react or behave differently when people come round to view.

So, here are some practical tips for pet owners who want to sell their property as quickly as possible.

Move them elsewhere

The experts will tell you to remove all traces of your pets – including the animal itself - when you put your home on the market. But for most pet owners it’s unrealistic.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a family member nearby then it’s worth considering asking them to take your pet, especially for dogs or small caged animals like gerbils. The pet will be with someone familiar and won’t be stressed by strangers coming into the home.


If your pet can’t go and live elsewhere, then if at all possible, take it out of the house when viewings take place.

Dogs are not always an asset when selling your home

Using your estate agent to accompany viewings frees you up to take your dog out for a walk. Or look at doggy daycare options – there are several in and around Doncaster.

If your cat goes outside, then let it out into the garden.

Pet Paraphernalia

Remove all your pet items from view – feed bowls, toys, beds – and especially cat litter trays. Keep a designated cupboard space clear in case of viewings arranged at short notice.

If you have a cat flap ensure it’s secure and there isn’t a nasty draught coming through.


There’s nothing quite like pet smells to put people off a property. Damp dog, the unmistakable fragrance of a cat litter tray. Even hamster wee. All have their own unique aroma and it’s not one you want hanging in the air while showing a potential buyer round.

The trouble is we all become immune to our familiar smells so you may not even notice them.

A deep clean – including carpets and soft furnishings – is a good start. Make sure litter trays, pet beds and small animal cages are cleaned scrupulously and often. Especially if your home takes some time to sell.

Air fresheners and room scents can help too but don’t overdo it.

When you think you’ve got everything clean and sweet smelling ask a friend round to do a sniff test. And tell them to be honest.

Garden poo

Believe me, there is nothing more off-putting or embarrassing than a potential buyer treading in dog poo in the garden.  No matter how much they liked your home that experience is going to put off the most chilled of individuals.  A sweep of the garden is a must before any viewing.

Be prepared

You never know when a viewing could be requested, so make sure you keep on top of cleaning up after your pets while your house is on the market. Hoover daily to remove pet hairs and make sure your garden is clear of any “deposits”.


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