Viewing Preparation Checklist for Selling Your Home

“I’ve got a couple who want to arrange a viewing. Can they come round this evening?”

It’s the phone call you both want and dread.

When selling your home it’s always exciting to get a viewing. But there’s also that sinking feeling – you’ll need to get your property looking its best. Often at short notice.

If you’ve followed our advice on Tips to present your home and maximise value, you’ll have done the hard work. But even the most organised households struggle to keep every room pristine at all times. Especially if your home takes more than a couple of weeks to sell.

So to make things easier, we’ve put together this handy checklist.

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Use it to go through the house room by room and ensure nothing gets forgotten.


Tidy away clutter

Top Tip: Have a couple of large storage boxes, chests or ottomans that you can use to put clutter in. Boxes can then be stored out of sight somewhere. Don’t just stuff things into cupboards - viewers will open built in cupboards and wardrobes.

Remove plug socket adaptors and extension leads (a giveaway sign that your home is short of sockets for our ever increasing demands).

Porch and Hallway

Turn lights on if it’s a dark space


Open windows to clear cooking smells

Tidy all surfaces

Run and Empty dishwasher

Wipe all surfaces including floor

Close windows (and put heating on if it’s cold)


Check the loo is immaculate

Ensure clean towel and handwash/soap are available.

Utility Room

Take down any drying laundry

Family Room

Put most toys into a storage chest or crate (you can leave one or two nice items out to show it is a family space)


Plump up cushions

Arrange coffee table (e.g. with a couple of books, an attractive bowl, fresh flowers)

Dining Area

Clear table

Add a vase of flowers, pot plant or fruit bowl

Home Office

Tidy desk

Arrange a few items of pretty stationery on show


Put away anything personal

Make beds and add scatter cushions or a throw.

Check for stray dirty laundry (especially if you have teenagers!)

Turn on bedside lights (unless it’s a bright summer day)


Check this loo is immaculate too.

Wipe round taps to ensure they are nice and shiny

Fold towels

Pet Areas

Put away all feeding bowls, litter trays and other pet paraphernalia

Take your pet out or shut it in a designated room (check out this article for more tips for pet owners)


Ensure bins are neatly stored

Tidy up any clutter

Pick up any pet poo.


To make it even easier, we’ve put everything into a handy printable. Simply download, print and check off each room as you go.

download checklist

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