The key features Doncaster property buyers will look for in 2019

As one of Doncaster’s most successful estate agents we’re proud of our knowledge of the local property market.

We speak to many property hunters every day and have a very good understanding of what they are looking for. We’ve put together this guide to help if you are thinking about selling your property in 2019.

The Top 10 features Doncaster buyers look for

These are the things that come up over and over again. Some are easy to manage, while others are out of your control. But a little effort can help your property sell quickly and for the best price.

In no particular order…….

Things you can do without major effort

Some of our top 10 are relatively easy, so let’s start with those.

Simple Modern Look

Doncaster buyers aren’t really DIY fans! The majority want their new home to be ready to move in to without requiring any work.

Stylish modern décor is a winner. Paint walls in neutral colours and add a few statement pieces of artwork, cushions and throws to achieve this look easily and cheaply.

Remember to keep clutter out of sight.

Doncaster buyers love open plan living with modern décor

Doncaster property buyers love open plan living with stylish modern decor


Talking of clutter, we all seem to accumulate plenty, so accessible storage facilities such as a garage, shed or cabin are highly prized.

Office area

More and more people are working from home these days, even if it’s just an occasional day when the kids are sick or on holiday. So an office area is becoming a necessity for many.

If you don’t already have one then set up a small corner to show how one can be accommodated.  Rearrange your dining room, bedroom or even hallway and add a narrow table, small chair and a few stylish desk accessories. Look on Pinterest for inspiration.

Doncaster buyers want a home office area

Doncaster buyers want a home office area

Things which will need significant refurbishment if you don’t have them

If you’re about to put your house on the market, then there’s not much you can do about these – although we’ve a few tips to help overcome their absence.

But if you are planning home improvements now and might be moving on in a few years’ time, these are definitely worth considering.

Open plan kitchen and dining space

If your dining room is separate it can be worth adding a small table and a couple of chairs into your kitchen as long as it doesn’t make it too cluttered.

Downstairs toilet

A loo can be squeezed into some very small spaces. Think about where one could be fitted and point this out to potential buyers if you don’t have one.

Utility or laundry room

Modern families like to keep laundry separate to the kitchen. If you don’t have the luxury of a utility or laundry room then make sure all evidence of dirty (and clean) washing is kept well away from the kitchen.

utility and laundry room

A separate utility/laundry room is very popular

En-Suite bathrooms

With busy modern lives the morning rush for the shared bathroom is something we all want to do without.

If you only have the one bathroom make the most of it by ensuring it’s immaculate and inviting.

Two receptions rooms

Apparently Doncaster families can’t agree on what to watch. Separate reception rooms are much requested so there are no conflicts over what to watch on TV!

Things you can’t do much about

We’ve all heard the mantra Location, Location, Location and it’s true that your property’s area is one of the biggest factors. So what makes a good location in Doncaster?

 Access to local amenities

Good schools and easy access to bars or restaurants, parks or children’s play facilities are all highly desirable.

If you are showing prospective buyers around, do mention these – especially if the viewers are not local.

Residing in a safe community

We all want to feel safe in our homes. You can’t do much about the local crime figures and if your area isn’t the best, be prepared for questions about burglaries and other issues.

However, if you are in a safe area, don’t give the wrong impression. Burglar alarms and motion sensor lights are sensible in even the best areas. But window bars, multiple locks and the sense that your property is protected like Fort Knox will leave buyers asking why you need so much security.


If you’re thinking about selling your property in Doncaster, why not book a free valuation? We won’t just give you a figure, we’ll give expert advice on the current market conditions, demand for your property, and how to maximise it’s value. Book online or give us a buzz on 01302 247754.

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