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What Comes First, The Sale or Purchase?

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This is by far the most common question we are asked and a big dilemma for most home movers; should I wait to find a property I really want before listing my home for sale?

The answer is simple, but presents a few challenges.  If your financial situation dictates that you are reliant on the proceeds from the sale of one property to fund the purchase of another, then the sale of your property is the key to realising your aspirations.

Too many homeowners believe their home will sell quickly and are over confident that once the perfect home has been located they will be able to secure it by listing their home immediately. 

Unfortunately, they often miscalculate and overlook the fact that there are other buyers in the market place whom are potentially one step ahead of them.   Having achieved a sale of their property already they are in a better position to swoop and snatch up that perfect abode.

We encounter this frustration on a daily basis and witness distraught and helpless buyers miss out on their dream home due to their limited position.

The dilemma which draws many to adopt this strategy is the worry of achieving a sale on their own property only to draw a blank when trying to find a suitable home to buy.  This is more common when buyers are looking for a unique property types or bungalows which are in very short supply these days since developers stopped building them.

The answer to this age old problem comes from our expertise and many years of experience in managing buyers and sellers expectations and property chains.  Here at The Property Hive we have helped thousands of home movers in Doncaster not only achieve a successful sale of their property, but secure their dream home.  It is what we do day-in day-out and is a key part of the extended value we provide to our customers.  Let us take care of it like we have for so many others with properties for sale across Doncaster.

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