Why accepting an offer doesn't mean it's safe as houses?

We take the sting out of moving and help avoid the disappointment that comes with poorly managed property sales.

So, you've agreed to an offer on your house, possibly found your dream home and had an offer accepted. You're all done, right? It's in the bag. Safe as houses.

It would be great if that were true! Unfortunately, the sad reality is that it doesn't always pan out that way. According to industry figures, as many as one-in-three sales fall through in England and Wales before completion. That's a lot of shattered dreams.

The reasons behind fall-throughs are numerous, but many are avoidable with the proper knowledge, skills, and motivation. All too often, homeowners are left to try and pick up the pieces. Low-cost budget estate agents or 'one-man/woman bands' are either under-resourced and not skilled or experienced enough to deal with the issues.

Agreeing on an offer is only the start of the process. There is still much to do to safeguard a successful outcome. With so many parties involved, complexities and miscommunication can lead to issues. Even the most straightforward chains will include buyers, sellers, surveyors, financial advisors, lenders, solicitors and many more. These separate organisations must work together and complete the required activities successfully, in the correct order and in a timely fashion to make it happen.

Just like an orchestra needs a conductor, property sales need someone to take the bull by the horns and drive it home. Flag up problems early and make sure they get resolved. Without this work, sales are at increased risk of falling victim to the many pitfalls that cause one-in-three sales to fall apart.

At The Property Hive, we can take the sting out of moving and help our homeowners avoid disappointment with professional sale management. All our clients are assigned a dedicated expert to manage their sale and onward purchase.

Our teams are based locally at our branches here in Doncaster. Our experts are on hand to support our clients every step of the way, help complete forms and paperwork correctly, and like a ship's captain, navigate sales to successful completion.

That's why The Property Hive creates more successful outcomes for our clients and makes it happen!

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