Why Traditional Property Listings Slow Home Movers Down

Buyers demand more ways to appraise properties with greater convenience and insight at their fingertips. Two-dimensional pictures and flat floor plans just don’t cut it anymore.

Evaluating any item before making a purchase is obviously very important. When that item is a property costing hundreds of thousands of pounds and will take most of your working life to repay, the evaluation will therefore need to be thorough. 

Traditional estate agents rely upon two-dimensional pictures and textual descriptions of rooms, fixtures and fittings to provide potential buyers with information on which to evaluate a property.

This clearly isn't good enough and does nothing to help buyers appreciate the space, layout, dimensions, etc. It leads to more questions than answers, leaving buyers with no alternative other than physically visiting the property. And that's if they can be bothered!

Appointments take time to arrange. Buyers need to find time out of work to contact the agent, then try and schedule a time around the availability of homeowners, partners, parents and other trusted advisors many people want to bring along for help and support.

Add to this the fact that many buyers will typically want to evaluate 10-20 properties before shortlisting a handful for closer inspection. It is no wonder that the process can take weeks and months, and many properties are overlooked due to a lack of time.

Why can't buyers appraise properties instantly, any time and from anywhere, without all of these hassles?

We have all become used to amazing tools online like Google Street View that let us walk around streets virtually and familiarise ourselves with locations we have never visited. What if there was a similar tool for houses, where buyers could walk around, measure up and spend as much time as they want to look with whomever?

Well, with The Property Hive, there is. Our unique 3D virtual viewing tool does just that. Buyers can walk around and appraise our properties just like they are there, without the need to take time out of work to try and schedule an appointment. That's why buyers and homeowners are buzzing around The Hive.

Furthermore, when buyers are ready to take a look around, we've made it quick and easy for them with an online appointment booking tool they can access 24x7 and free accompanied viewing service.

Our approach makes buying a property quicker and more convenient and, as a result, increases the interest levels in properties we advertise, which receive more attractive offers. It's a win, win, win…

Find out more about the revolution, with a new innovative and more convenient way to move with The Property Hive.

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