Should homeowners make a will?

We are often asked at The Property Hive by homeowners if they need to protect their property assets should anything happen to them or their partner.  Here is some advice from Sarah Spencer, a Paralegal who specialises in Wills & Asset Protection.

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Once you own a property or a number of properties either jointly or on your own, you have assets which are likely to increase in value over time.  If you would like these assets to pass to your family on your death, you need to have a Will in place to guarantee this will happen.  Making a Will can also provide a more effective means of planning for Inheritance Tax and avoiding the risk of your property being used to pay for a partners Nursing or Residential Care.

Making a Will to protect these assets is relatively straight forward and inexpensive, but many homeowners put off this task thinking it is complicated or time consuming.  We would urge any homeowner to make provisions for all their assets by making a Will. 

Taylor Bracewell’s experienced team are there to help homeowners to put the relevant provisions in place.  Please give us a buzz if you would like know more on 01302 247754.

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